Green-Eyed Lady Reviews

GREEN-EYED LADY by Chuck Greaves is the wickedest read of the year, smart, real, vivid as hell, and so plausible it could be in the Times. Greaves is a master of the language. I loved this book.”

 —Douglas Preston, #1 New York Times best-selling author and
co-creator of the famed Pendergast novels.

“Greaves has the recipe for a sure-fire hit. Jack MacTaggart is a lawyer with a heart—and a conscience, a wry sense of humor, and steel balls–who loves to turn up the heat. A tasty dish you’ll want to consume in one sitting.”

Deborah Coonts, author of So Damn Lucky

Enjoyable encounters with lawyers isn’t fiction; it’s hypnosis. GREEN-EYED LADY is a smart, funny, 277-page gateway-drug/siren’s song that will fill law schools with innocent children. Chuck Greaves is going to hell.”

Charlie Newton, author of Start Shooting

“A legal thriller with the delicious intricacy of a well-plotted mystery, GREEN-EYED LADY marks the welcome return of Jack MacTaggart, Chuck Greaves’ likeable and compelling attorney-protagonist.  Greaves proves again why he is among the front-rank of legal thriller authors . . . the verdict is a unanimous ‘must read’.”

Kelli Stanley, award-winning author of City of Secrets

“Political chicanery provides the backdrop for Greaves’s amusing sequel…Colorful characters, snappy dialogue, and some nifty twists lend credence to MacTaggart’s mantra: ‘Trust me, I’m a lawyer.'”

Publishers Weekly

“MacTaggart enters a world of sleazy politics in Greaves’ sophomore mystery. There’s a murder with a multitude of suspects, and the guilty party will surprise the reader. Once again Greaves’ knowledge of the courtroom shines, and his grab bag of characters is varied and appealing.”

RT Book Reviews

“Greaves’s legal thriller with comic overtones successfully builds on his multi-award nominated series debut (Hush Money) and will amuse Californians with its spot-on cultural references. He maintains a madcap pace”

Library Journal

“Greaves’ second MacTaggart mystery is grounded in politics, but its madcap plot includes clues sent on an Etch A Sketch, a nighttime sting carried out at the famed Hollywood sign, and savvy use of the media…the breezy MacTaggart—whose bywords are ‘Trust me. I’m a lawyer’—is always good company.”


“Greaves plots far more waggishly than real life could hope to imitate. Not one reader in a thousand will guess the ending.”