Authors on the Air Interview with Pam Stack, June 2014:

→June 2014 interview with Tom Yoder on KSJD:

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→January 2014 interview with Court Haslett over at the Rogue Reader.

→Access Utah Interview with Tom Williams, October 2013:

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→Murders, Mysteries, and Mayhem Interview with Stephen Campbell, October 2013:

→Authors on the Air Interview with Pam Stack, August 2013:

→ABC RadioNational, Books and Arts Daily (Australia). Interview with Kate Evans, March 2013:

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 Special Report with John HollenhorstKSLTV.


→Connie Martinson Talks Books (Novemer 2012):
Part 1

Part 2

→November 2012 interview with Azam Gill over at the Big Thrill.

→In October of 2010, Chuck was interviewed for a November cover story in SouthWest Sage, ‘the Voice of Southwest Writers,’ to commemorate his 2010 Storyteller Award. Click below to read.

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