Letter from Kornbluth to Levy Dated June 11, 1936

It was widely reported in the press that Kornbluth had been arrested for attempting to solicit perjured testimony from Cokey Flo Brown.  The New York Post, for example, ran a banner headline in its evening edition on May 27, 1936 screaming LAWYER HELD AS VICE RING PLOTTER.  Dewey himself is quoted in the Post article as stating, “Kornbluth will be charged with attempted subornation of perjury.”  The damage to Kornbluth’s professional reputation was, of course, incalculable, and Levy felt duty-bound to do what he could to help clear Kornbluth’s name.

To read the letter from Kornbluth to Levy transmitting the Kornbluth affidavit and thanking Levy for this help, see below: